Morph 1.1.1 API

net.sf.morph Core classes for use by other parts of the Morph framework.
net.sf.morph.context Defines Contexts and how they can participate in hierarchies.
net.sf.morph.context.contexts Context implementations. Support interfaces and classes used by the net.sf.morph.context package.
net.sf.morph.integration.commons.beanutils Integration with Apache Commons Beanutils.
net.sf.morph.integration.commons.collections Integration with Apache Commons Collections.
net.sf.morph.integration.commons.lang Integration with Apache Commons Lang.
net.sf.morph.integration.velocity Integration with Apache Velocity.
net.sf.morph.lang Defines basic Languages used to retrieve and set information in bean-like objects.
net.sf.morph.lang.languages Language implementations. Support interfaces and classes that come in handy when implementing a language.
net.sf.morph.reflect Defines notions of "bean-like" and "container-like" holders of information by definining a standard API for accessing such information.
net.sf.morph.reflect.reflectors Reflector implementations. Support interfaces and classes used by the net.sf.morph.reflector package.
net.sf.morph.transform Defines a standard way to transform information from one format or source to another.
net.sf.morph.transform.converters Converter implementations.
net.sf.morph.transform.copiers Copier implementations. Support interfaces and classes used by the net.sf.morph.transform package.
net.sf.morph.transform.transformers Transformer implementations.
net.sf.morph.util Utility classes used to implement the Morph framework.
net.sf.morph.web Classes that are useful in a Servlet container.
net.sf.morph.wrap Defines an API for manipulating data in a stateful manner. Support interfaces and classes used by the net.sf.morph.wrap package.


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