Interface DecoratedReflector

All Superinterfaces:
net.sf.composite.Component, Reflector
All Known Implementing Classes:
ArrayReflector, BaseBeanReflector, BaseCompositeReflector, BaseContainerReflector, BaseReflector, BaseServletReflector, CollectionReflector, ContextReflector, DynaBeanReflector, EnumerationReflector, HttpSessionAttributeReflector, IteratorReflector, ListReflector, MapReflector, ObjectReflector, PageContextAttributeReflector, ReflectorDecorator, ResetableIteratorWrapperReflector, ResultSetReflector, ServletContextAttributeReflector, ServletContextInitParameterReflector, ServletRequestAttributeReflector, ServletRequestParameterReflector, ServletRequestReflector, SetReflector, SimpleDelegatingReflector, SimpleInstantiatingReflector, SortedSetReflector, StringTokenizerReflector, StubbornDelegatingReflector, VelocityContextReflector, VelocityContextReflector

public interface DecoratedReflector
extends Reflector

An extension of the Reflector interface that defines extra methods. All methods specified in this interface can be easily implemented using just the methods in the Reflector interface. Thus, if you are defining your own reflector you should implement only the Reflector interface. If you extend from BaseReflector, your reflector will implement this inteface automatically.

If you don't want to extend from BaseReflector, you can still easily expose this interface by using the ReflectorDecorator.

Dec 13, 2004
Matt Sgarlata

Method Summary
 boolean isReflectable(java.lang.Class reflectedType)
          Indicates whether the given type is reflectable by this reflector.
Methods inherited from interface net.sf.morph.reflect.Reflector
getReflectableClasses, getWrapper

Method Detail


boolean isReflectable(java.lang.Class reflectedType)
                      throws ReflectionException
Indicates whether the given type is reflectable by this reflector.

reflectedType - the type to test
true, if this reflector can reflect the given class or
false, if this reflector cannot reflect the given class
ReflectionException - if an error occurrs

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