Interface MutableIndexedContainerReflector

All Superinterfaces:
net.sf.composite.Component, ContainerReflector, IndexedContainerReflector, Reflector, SizableReflector
All Known Implementing Classes:
ArrayReflector, ListReflector, ServletRequestReflector, SimpleDelegatingReflector, StubbornDelegatingReflector

public interface MutableIndexedContainerReflector
extends IndexedContainerReflector

A reflector for an indexed structure that allows modification of an element at a given index. Most objects that are indexed are also "mutably indexed", if you will, but some are not. Most notably, you can't change an element at a specified index of a SortedSet because by virtue of adding something new to the set you may be changing the indices of the elements.

Nov 26, 2004
Matt Sgarlata

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 java.lang.Object set(java.lang.Object container, int index, java.lang.Object propertyValue)
          Sets the element at the specified index.
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Methods inherited from interface net.sf.morph.reflect.ContainerReflector
getContainedType, getIterator
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getReflectableClasses, getWrapper
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Methods inherited from interface net.sf.morph.reflect.Reflector
getReflectableClasses, getWrapper

Method Detail


java.lang.Object set(java.lang.Object container,
                     int index,
                     java.lang.Object propertyValue)
                     throws ReflectionException
Sets the element at the specified index. Valid indexes range between 0 and one less than the container object's size, inclusive.

container - the container object
index - a number indiciating which element should be set
propertyValue - the value to be set
the element previously at the specified position
ReflectionException - if container is null or
index is not a valid index for the given container object or
the object at the specified index could not be set for some reason

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