Interface Copier

All Superinterfaces:
net.sf.composite.Component, Transformer
All Known Subinterfaces:
DecoratedCopier, NodeCopier
All Known Implementing Classes:
ArrayCopier, AssemblerCopier, BasePropertyNameCopier, ChainedTransformer, CombiningCopier, ConditionalCopier, ContainerCopier, ContainerOfBeansCopier, CopierDecorator, CumulativeCopier, DefaultToBooleanConverter, DefaultToTextConverter, DisassemblerCopier, ImmutableComponentArrayCopier, MapCopier, NOPCopier, PropertyExpressionMappingCopier, PropertyNameMappingCopier, PropertyNameMatchingCopier, SetExpressionCopier, SimpleDelegatingTransformer, TextToContainerCopier, TypeChangingGraphTransformer

public interface Copier
extends Transformer

An object that can copy information from a source object to a destination object.

October 31, 2004
Matt Sgarlata

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface net.sf.morph.transform.Transformer
Method Summary
 void copy(java.lang.Object destination, java.lang.Object source, java.util.Locale locale)
           Copies information from the given source to the given destination.
Methods inherited from interface net.sf.morph.transform.Transformer
getDestinationClasses, getSourceClasses

Method Detail


void copy(java.lang.Object destination,
          java.lang.Object source,
          java.util.Locale locale)
          throws TransformationException

Copies information from the given source to the given destination.

destination - the object to which information is written
source - the object from which information is read
locale - the locale of the current user, which may be null if the locale is unknown or not applicable
TransformationException - if source or destination are null or
an error occurrs while copying

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