Package net.sf.morph.util

Utility classes used to implement the Morph framework.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AnyAccessDelegatingInvocationHandler DelegatingInvocationHandler that uses reflection to invoke non-public methods that match invocation signatures.
Assert Assertions built using Morph.
ClassUtils Class manipulation utilities.
ContainerUtils Utility functions for working with container-like objects such as Collections and arrays.
EnumerationIterator Exposes an Enumeration as an Iterator.
IteratorEnumeration Exposes an iterator as an Enumeration.
ListOrderedSet Decorates another Set to ensure that the order of addition is retained and used by the iterator.
MorphStringTokenizer Same as a regular StringTokenizer, but with a legible MorphStringTokenizer.toString() method.
MutableInteger Holder for a mutable int.
NumberUtils Various values and utility functions that are useful when working with numbers.
ProxyUtils Proxy utility methods.
ReflectorUtils Utility functions useful for implementing and interacting with Reflectors.
ResourceArrayInputStream Special InputStream that will concatenate the contents of a Spring Resource[].
ResourceArrayInputStreamPropertyEditor Drop-in replacement for Spring's InputStreamEditor to convert one or more Resources to an InputStream.
TransformerUtils Utility functions for implementing and using Transformers.
TypeMap A map where all keys and values are of type Class.

Exception Summary
NestableRuntimeException A nestable runtime exception.

Package net.sf.morph.util Description

Utility classes used to implement the Morph framework.

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