Package net.sf.morph.reflect.reflectors

Reflector implementations.


Class Summary
ArrayReflector A container reflector for Arrays.
BaseBeanReflector Convenient base class for BeanReflectors.
BaseContainerReflector Convenient base class for ContainerReflectors.
BaseReflector Convenient base class for Reflectors.
BaseServletReflector Base class for reflectors that reflect objects from the Servlet API.
CollectionReflector A reflector for Collections.
ContextReflector A reflector that can expose the properties of any Context.
EnumerationReflector Exposes the information available in a java.util.Enumeration.
HttpSessionAttributeReflector Exposes HTTP session attributes.
IteratorReflector Exposes the information available in a java.util.Iterator.
ListReflector A reflector for Lists.
MapReflector Reflector for Maps that allows a map to be treated both as a container and as a bean.
ObjectReflector A Reflector that exposes the properties of any Object as they are defined by the JavaBeans specification.
PageContextAttributeReflector Exposes page context attributes.
ReflectorDecorator A wrapper for Reflectors that allows any reflector to implement DecoratedReflector.
ResetableIteratorWrapperReflector Exposes the information available in a ResetableIteratorWrapper.
ResultSetReflector Exposes the information in a ResultSet.
ServletContextAttributeReflector Exposes servlet context attributes.
ServletContextInitParameterReflector Exposes the init-parameters of a ServletContext.
ServletRequestAttributeReflector Exposes servlet request attributes.
ServletRequestParameterReflector Exposes servlet request parameters.
ServletRequestReflector ServletRequest reflector.
SetReflector Exposes the information found in a Set.
SimpleDelegatingReflector Reflector that can be used to combine multiple bean reflectors.
SimpleInstantiatingReflector A basic instantiating reflector that allows an arbitrary number of requested class types to be mapped to instantiated types.
SortedSetReflector Exposes the information found in a SortedSet.
StringTokenizerReflector Reflector for StringTokenizers.
VelocityContextReflector Deprecated. version 1.0.2 use net.sf.morph.integration.velocity

Package net.sf.morph.reflect.reflectors Description

Reflector implementations.

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