Package net.sf.morph.transform.converters

Converter implementations.


Class Summary
ArbitraryObjectMappingConverter A transformer which transforms defined arbitrary objects to other defined arbitrary objects based on this class' mapping property.
ArbitraryTypeMappingConverter A transformer which transforms objects which are instances of a type into other defined objects based on this class' mapping property.
BaseToPrettyTextConverter Base class for converts that convert objects to a pretty programmer-friendly representation using information retrieved using a reflector.
BeanToPrettyTextConverter Converts a bean to a textual representation (String or StringBuffer only).
BeanUtilsConverter Deprecated.  
BooleanToTextConverter Converts boolean values to text values.
ConstantConverter Converter that always returns a certain destination object.
ContainerToPrettyTextConverter Converts a container to a textual representation (String or StringBuffer only).
ContainerToTraverserConverter Converts an object to a traverser type (an Iterator or an Enumeration).
ConverterDecorator Decorates any Converter so that it implements DecoratedConverter.
DefaultToBooleanConverter Converts any object to a Boolean by delegating to TextToBooleanConverter, NumberToBooleanConverter and ObjectToBooleanConverter.
DefaultToTextConverter Converts an object to a textual representation by delegating to ContainerToPrettyTextConverter, BooleanToTextConverter, TimeToTextConverter, NumberToTextConverter and ObjectToTextConverter.
EvaluateExpressionConverter A Converter that returns the result of evaluating a property against an object using a DecoratedLanguage.
IdentityConverter Converts objects that are already instances of the destination class by simply returning the object unchanged.
ImmutableTypesOnlyIdentityConverter An identity converter that only converts immutable types.
NullConverter Deprecated. an IdentityConverter can do the same thing.
NumberConverter Converts a number from one number type to another.
NumberToBooleanConverter Converts numbers to boolean values.
NumberToTextConverter Converts Numbers into basic text types (String, StringBuffer or Character).
ObjectToBooleanConverter Converts any object to a Boolean.
ObjectToClassConverter Converts an object into that object's class.
ObjectToPrettyTextConverter .
ObjectToTextConverter Converts an object to a textual representation by calling the object's toString method.
PrimitiveWrapperConverter Converts primitive objects to their Object wrappers and vice-versa.
TextConverter Converts text types (String, StringBuffer and Character, char[] and byte[] from one type to another.
TextToBooleanConverter Converts text values to Booleans.
TextToClassConverter Converts a basic text type (String or StringBuffer) into a Class.
TextToNumberConverter Converts basic text types into primitive numbers or Number objects.
TimeConverter Converts information from one of the basic time types to the other.
TimeToTextConverter Converts the basic time types (Date and Calendar) to one of the text types ( String, StringBuffer and Character).

Package net.sf.morph.transform.converters Description

Converter implementations.

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