Package net.sf.morph.transform.copiers

Copier implementations.


Class Summary
ArrayCopier TODO tests with 3-dimensional arrays
AssemblerCopier A copier that copies multiple source objects to a single destination object, implementing an "Assembler."
AssemblyCopierSupport Support for AssemblerCopier/DisassemblerCopier.
BasePropertyNameCopier Base class for copiers that copy information from one bean to another based on the property names in the source and destination objects.
CombiningCopier Combines all of the contents of a container into a single container.
ConditionalCopier This copier uses an if Converter to convert an incoming object to a Boolean.
ContainerCopier Copies information from any container object to any object that has either a GrowableContainerReflectoror a MutableIndexedContainerReflector.
ContainerOfBeansCopier Deprecated. it's not clear what the intent of this copier was
CopierDecorator Decorates any Copier so that it implements DecoratedCopier.
CumulativeCopier Composite Transformer whose children must be Copiers and which invokes each child Copier in turn in the course of performing a copy operation.
DisassemblerCopier A copier that copies a source to multiple destination objects, implementing a "Disassembler."
DisassemblerCopier.Disassembly Adds the index to the source object to pass to the classConverter;
ImmutableComponentArrayCopier Copies arrays of matching immutable component types using System.arraycopy.
MapCopier Copies one Map to another.
MultipleDestinationConverter Deprecated. since v1.1 in favor of DisassemblerCopier
NOPCopier No-op Copier / instantiation-only Converter.
PropertyExpressionMappingCopier Maps property expressions between objects using a Morph Language.
PropertyNameMappingCopier Copies properties from the source to the destination based on a mapping of property names.
PropertyNameMatchingCopier Copies the properties specified by the propertiesToCopy property of this class from the source to the destination.
SetExpressionCopier Uses a DecoratedLanguage to set the property denoted by an expression on the destination object.
TextToContainerCopier Parses text into multiple parts for storage in a container.

Package net.sf.morph.transform.copiers Description

Copier implementations.

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